Oral Cancer Screening

African American Man SmilingOral cancer has become a growing oral health concern in the United States. Mature men have the highest risk of developing oral cancer, however, doctors have recently seen a drop in the average age of diagnosis. Recent medical studies have shown direct ties between exposure to the HPV virus and oral cancer in younger men. In recent years men as early as in the in their 20s have been diagnosed with oral cancer. Dentist Dr. Eric Hires encourages all patients of all ages get screened for oral cancer. All regular dental exams at our Toledo, OH dentist office include an oral cancer screening for a chance of early diagnosis for conservative treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings Toledo, OH

Oral cancer screenings can save lives. Oral cancer screenings are relatively painless and only take less than two minutes to complete. The process is mostly visual, Dr. Hires surveys the gums, lips, neck and cheeks to check for any signs of developing oral cancer. Understanding your risk factors can help to motivate patients to visit our Toledo dentist office for their biannual oral health exams.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors Toledo, OH

  • Your Age: Patients over the age of 44 are more at risk for developing oral cancer. But it is important to remember that recent studies are showing oral cancer in patients in their twenties. Regular visits to Hires Dental Care can help catch oral cancer early.
  • Your Tobacco Use: Smoking, chewing, or vaping all increase your chance of developing oral cancer. The use of any tobacco products increases your chance of developing cancer and should be avoided if possible.
  • Your Exposure to HPV: Exposure to HPV puts you at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. If you have been diagnosed with or exposed to HPV be sure to let Dr. Hires known.

Whether or not these risk factors apply to you, you can still develop oral cancer. Regular oral check-ups are essential to preventing the development and spread of cancer. Hires Dental Care dental team cares about your oral health and overall well being. Be sure to stay aware of any changes in your mouth, tongue or cheeks. If you notice any changes call our Toledo, OH dentist office to schedule an oral exam.

Signs of Oral Cancer

  • Numbness in tongue
  • Change in the fit of your bite
  • Changes in the fit of your dental restoration
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • Feeling of something stuck in your throat
  • Red or white patches
  • Small sores
  • Thickening of soft tissue
  • Tenderness or pain in lips or gums

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Dr. Hires and his associates are dedicated to providing every patient with quality dental care that will restore the function and beauty to their smiles os they may enjoy their optimal oral health. To schedule your oral health exam and oral cancer screening, contact our Toledo dentist office or schedule a consultation online.

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