Dental Implants Offer Added Benefits

dental implant procedure in toledo ohYou may have heard of dental implants, but do you know all of the ways that they can benefit you? Dental implants have become the number one treatment for replacing missing teeth and not without good reason. The benefits of dental implants extend beyond your oral health, improving your confidence and daily life. Toledo, OH dentist Dr. Eric Hires provides patients with comprehensive in-house dental implant services for predictable and beautiful results.

Benefits of Dental Implants Toledo, OH

What do dental implants offer patients that other missing tooth replacements do not? The answer is a lot. Dental implants are the only missing tooth treatment that actually looks and functions like a natural tooth. The implant is surgically secured and fuses to the jaw bone providing structural and lasting support for your oral foundation.

Implants also help improve systemic health. Patients who choose dental implants to replace missing teeth are less likely to develop periodontal disease, diabetes, and inflammation. Implants restore chewing function to nearly 100% and enable patients to enjoy a varied and nutritious diet. Dental implants could even help patients maintain a more youthful appearance. Implants encourage natural bone regeneration and help prevent deterioration of the jawline.

Dental implants offer:

  • 99% Long Term Success Rate
  • Does not require special maintenance
  • Help reduce bone loss and recession
  • Standard and most natural option in missing tooth replacement
  • Reduces risk of gum recession due to tooth loss.
  • Avoids further damage or decay of remaining healthy teeth.
  • Improves speech
  • Can prevent other systemic disease associated with poor oral hygiene
  • Increases comfort and alignment of bite
  • Improves ability to chew comfortably and eat a balanced diet
  • Supports long-term facial integrity.

Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or a full arch of missing teeth. Through varied implant techniques, Dr. Hires can customize your treatment plan to meet your budget, lifestyle and cosmetic goals. Implants can be used to secure an ill fitted denture for a more confident and comfortable smile.

Benefits of In-House Dental Implants at Hires Dental Care

Dr. Hires can handle every aspect of your dental implant treatment plan in-house from the comfort of our Toledo, OH dentist office. This means no trips to or bills from specialists and additional dentists.  Our all-inclusive dental implant services allow for consistent and reliable results you can count on. We also offer sedation dentistry for patients who may be putting off replacing their missing teeth due to dental anxiety. Dr. Hires has over 25 years of experience setting dental implants and uses the latest in dental technology to help patients create beautiful and healthy smiles.

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Whether you are missing one tooth or a full arch of teeth, Dr. Hires can help restore the function and aesthetics to your smile. Learn more about how dental implants can improve your smile and your life. Contact our Toledo dentist office or schedule a consultation online.

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