Is Sugar Bad For Teeth?

oral health toledo OH dentistThroughout the years, doctors have been telling us that this or that food is bad for us, but then a new study would be published and it would show the opposite is true or at least not as bad as originally thought. But unfortunately, the news about sugar and your teeth is not good news. Dr. J. Eric Hires along with all dentists across the board agree that sugar is bad for your teeth.

Is Sugar Bad For Teeth?

Unfortunately, our favorite sweet, sugar, is really bad for our teeth. As we eat, food leaves residue on our teeth. Bacteria, normally found in the mouth, will begin to feed on that bacteria and begin to grow. The more sugar you eat, the more that bacteria grows, the faster the enamel erodes away. This is why it becomes more and more necessary to brush your teeth.

Plaque must be removed daily and the only way to remove the plaque is to brush teeth daily. Sugar itself is not bad for your teeth, but it increases the rate at which bacteria eat away at your teeth. By weakening the enamel, bacteria feeding on sugar create the perfect storm for cavities to form.

Sugar is Hiding in Most Food

You will find sugar in almost every food you eat but especially in our drinks: soda, fruit juices, lemonade, etc. While the American diet is generally known for being high in fat, it is also high in sugar and it can be found in nearly every processed food we consume. Even healthy choices, like fruits and vegetables, contain sugar in low quantities. To reduce the incidence of tooth decay, limit the amount of sugar in the diet.

How to Help Your Teeth

We have just told you how bad sugar is but the reality is that we all consume it. Even dentists like a sweet treat every now and then. Use it in moderation and make healthy choices when it comes to sugary foods. Replace the processed sugars with natural sources of sugar, like fruits and vegetables. Not only will it help your teeth, your body will thank you as well.

Of course, it goes without saying the maintaining good oral hygiene but regular brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, as well as, seeing Dr. Hires regularly will help keep plaque under control. Please schedule your consultation online with Dr. Hires today or call the office (419) 365-2217.

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