The Effects of Stress On Your Dental Health

Dentist in toledo ohThe coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has led to an increase in stress for many of our patients. As your trusted dentist in Toledo, OH, we want to provide you with some information on how your stress impacts your dental health. We will also provide some of our best tips on managing your stress and your dental health during these uncertain times.

Oral Hygiene Habits

Your oral hygiene habits may be affected by your stress. Due to the COVID-19 crisis affecting many of our daily schedules, it’s possible that you’ve shifted around your brushing and flossing routines. We want to encourage our patients to continue practicing their best oral hygiene habits. Even though we are socially distancing from each other right now doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to care for our smiles. Brush and floss at least twice a day to reduce the number of harmful bacteria left on your teeth surfaces. This simple tip will help you prevent more costly and complicated dental concerns in the future.

Dietary Habits

Our dietary habits change when we are under high-stress. Often, people reach for sugary snacks and beverages as a source of comfort. Unfortunately, a lot of these comfort foods and beverages are known for causing tooth decay and discoloration. This is because they leave behind sticky residues and staining agents on your teeth. Limit your intake of substances like hard candies, sodas, potato chips, coffee, tomato-based sauces, and teas during this stressful time. If you do some snacking throughout the day, follow it up with brushing and flossing your teeth to remove any residue left behind. If the residue is left on your teeth long enough, it can harden into plaque and tartar which would require it to be professionally scraped off of your teeth during your next dental appointment.

Jaw Pain and Facial Soreness

Many of our patients hold a lot of their stress in their facial muscles without even knowing it. If you experience headaches, earaches, or jaw pain, you may require TMJ therapy. This is something to discuss with our doctors at your next dental appointment. Until then, try to practice stress management techniques, like breathing exercises, throughout the day. You should take several breaks as you work to relax your facial muscles and stretch your jaw around to reduce tension. We know it can be difficult to keep calm during these uncertain times, but managing your stress is the best thing you can do for both your dental and your overall health.

Our office wishes continued health and safety to all of our patients during this crisis. If you find yourself needing dental care, contact us about scheduling your next dental appointment. Hires Dental Care has been Toledo’s full-service, premier dental practice since 1974. We look forward to meeting with you soon!




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