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Dental Anxiety - Toledo, OH

Alleviate Your Anxiety

Helping You Relax and Feel Comfortable

An estimated 9% to 15% of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. That’s nearly 40 million people.

One of our goals at Hires Dental Care is ensuring that all patients, even the most fearful, are comfortable and relaxed during treatment. You’ll find that our friendly staff listens to your concerns and tailors treatment specific to your needs. What you won’t find are any surprises – our doctors and hygienists will thoroughly explain every step of treatment beforehand, giving you the opportunity to ask questions.

At Hires Dental Care, we offer an array of amenities to help alleviate your anxiety, such as massaging treatment chairs, headphones, and warm blankets. We also provide different levels of sedation dentistry in order to fit any patients’ needs.

People often use the words “anxiety” and “phobia” to mean the same thing, but they are different. Those with dental anxiety will have a sense of uneasiness when it’s time for their appointments. They’ll have exaggerated or unfounded worries or fears. Dental phobia is a more serious condition. It’s an intense fear or dread. People with dental phobia aren’t merely anxious. They are terrified or panic-stricken.

People with dental phobia have a higher risk of gum disease and early tooth loss. Avoiding the dentist may have emotional costs as well. Discolored or damaged teeth can make people self-conscious and insecure. They may smile less or keep their mouths partly closed when they speak. Some people can become so embarrassed about how their teeth look that their personal and professional lives begin to suffer. Don’t suffer any longer! Call Hires Dental Care today!

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Symptoms of dental anxiety

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Symptoms of dental phobia

Coping tips

Sedation Dentistry Options

Hires Dental Care is dedicated to helping you maintain your oral health and your dentist will work with you to help determine the best sedation option for your needs.

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Oral Sedation

Administered in the form of a pill, this no-needle type of sedation allows the patient to be in control of their bodily functions and responsive, yet unable to feel pain.

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Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide allows the patient to be responsive, but unaware of pain and able to be relaxed during treatment.

IV Sedation

Our dentists are certified in conscious intravenous sedation that can aid in relieving extreme anxiety.

You can overcome your dental anxiety!

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