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Importance of Routine Dental Care

The primary goal of general dentistry is to treat problems in their earliest stages, many of which can be identified during a routine dental cleaning and exam. At each visit to our Sylvania Township, OH area dentist office, Dr. J. Eric Hires, Dr. Nithya Nagaraj, Dr. Jaslynn Kalsi, or Dr. Shreea Handa will carefully screen for early signs of decay, instability, and disease to reduce the need for extensive treatment. If issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, or even oral cancer are left untreated, they can cause serious damage to your overall health. Identifying problems in the early stages allows our dentists to recommend the most conservative treatments, preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible and saving the patient from expensive and uncomfortable procedures.

Maintaining a Healthy Smile

One of the most important things you can do for your overall health is to maintain good oral hygiene. It doesn’t just affect your oral health; it also affects your overall health. Daily preventive dental care will help stop problems before they develop.

In between regular visits to our Sylvania Township, OH area dentist office, there are simple steps that you can take to greatly decrease the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. These include:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Limit sugary snacks and beverages
  • Choose a toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride
  • Make sure that children under 12 drink fluoridated water or take fluoride supplements
  • Replace toothbrush every 3 – 4 months

General Dentistry

Our Sylvania Township, OH area dentist office offers a full range of general dentistry services. We take great pride in our level of excellence and preventive treatments. Hires Dental Care is a family-friendly dentist office that welcomes young patients, teens, and adults. Our general dentistry services include:

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

Hires Dental Care isn’t just a general dentist office; they also offer cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry services to their patients in the Sylvania Township, OH area.

The restorative dentistry services we offer are:

The cosmetic dentistry services we offer are:

Same-Day Dental Appointments

As a family dental practice, we understand that your time is both limited and valuable. We offer same-day dental appointments at our Sylvania Township, OH dentist office for patients who contact our office before 11:00 AM. For your added convenience, we also offer evening and Saturday appointments. Should a dental emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are searching for a dentist in the Sylvania Township, OH, Toledo, OH, or Perrysburg, OH area, contact Hires Dental Care today. Schedule a consultation to learn what the best dental treatments are for you. Whether you need a family dentist or you suffer from complex dental issues, our dentists are here to help you.

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