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While sports are a great activity to pursue in your free time, they do leave your mouth at risk for dental damages. Dr. Hires and the staff of Hires Dental Care in Toledo OH emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy smile for lasting dental health. This includes protecting the teeth and gums when participating in contact sports or activities with a custom mouthguard. Unlike over-the-counter alternatives which take a one-size-fits-all approach to teeth protection, our mouthguards are designed specifically for your smile for a better fit that is more effective in protecting your unique dental structures. Remember- teeth do not grow back! Utilizing a mouthguard could be the difference between enjoying a great game and experiencing a costly dental emergency

custom mouthguards in Toledo OH

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

Hires Dental Care offers custom sports mouthguards for maximum comfort and maximum protection. A custom fit mouthguard offers several key benefits for both dental health and personal performance on the field:

  • Improved oxygen intake for better breathing and improved endurance
  • A custom-fit allows for clearer speaking- and communication on the field
  • Secure fit: won’t hurt or irritate the gums and reduces energy lost when biting down to hold the mouthguard in place
  • Better injury protection than store-bought mouthguards
  • More durable and lasts longer -saving you money in the end

A comfortable, custom fit mouthguard is typically worn more consistently, especially in young patients who may resist a poor fitting and uncomfortable over the counter option. If it is not being used- it can’t protect your teeth and gums. We can even make your mouthguard in your team colors- or a color of your choosing to make it fun to wear.

The mouthguard process is easy- and quick. After a brief visit for dental impressions used in making your custom appliance, we will fabricate your mouthguard in our Toledo dentist office in 3 days or less.

A custom mouthguard can be used for any contact sport or activity that presents a possible risk of tooth damage- and is recommended for patients of any age. Many sports require the use of a mouthguard for participation, including football, baseball, soccer, and cheerleading. Mouthguards can also offer maximum, secure and comfortable protection for patients wearing a dental appliance or braces. Investing in a mouthguard can actually save you money in the long run by eliminating an emergency visit to Hires Dental Care for a mouth-related injury.

Mouthguards are also great for patients suffering from teeth grinding. If you have a history of clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth together in your sleep, talk to your dentist about how a mouthguard can help you prevent unintended dental damage due to teeth grinding. Utilizing a nightguard, or a mouthguard designed to be worn at night, can help hold your jaw in a healthier resting position while also protecting your teeth from any unwanted pressure or tension.

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A mouthguard is an excellent oral appliance to keep on hand. If you are interested in pursuing a custom mouthguard for yourself, schedule a consultation with Hires Dental Care, your local dentist office in Toledo, OH.


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