Pediatric Dentistry Toledo, OH

Our dentists and staff at Hires Dental Care in Toledo know that going to the dentist can be a source of anxiety for our youngest patients. That’s why we offer dental services especially geared toward pediatric patients. For example, parents can bring their child in for a free happy visit,” a visit in which kids simply come and look at the Hires Dental office. Our friendly staff then shows the child dental tools and discusses the importance of good oral hygiene, helping them get excited for their first real visit.

During their initial preventive dental care visit, kids are given the opportunity to explore the office treasure chest. They are able to select a toy or sticker and even get their photo posted on the “cavity-free” wall in the office, rewarding good brushing behavior.

Pediatric Dental Services

  • Routine dental cleanings and exams
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Custom sports mouth guards

Cavity Prevention in Children

Even though primary (baby) teeth are eventually lost, they fulfill several important functions and should be protected. The prevention of tooth decay is largely dependent on at home oral hygiene. It is essential that children brush and floss twice per day (ideally more), and visit the dentist for biannual cleanings. During each dentist appointment, the dentist will screen for tooth decay and will recommend the most conservative treatment. Sometimes the pediatric dentist coats teeth with a sealant and provides fluoride supplements to further bolster the mouth’s defenses. These habits will help your child develop life long oral hygiene habits that will prevent the development of dental cavities.

A healthy diet low in sugar and regular tooth brushing are important steps in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and reducing the risk of decay. Limiting juices, sodas and other sugary drinks is also important: sipping on these types of beverages allows harmful bacteria to remain on tooth surfaces and often leads to the development of tooth cavities.

Establishing good oral hygiene habits and a positive relationship with the dentist are vital to a lifetime of good dental health. Through these and other kid-friendly offerings, even Toledo’s youngest dental patients will feel at ease.

Benefits of Choosing a Family Friendly Dentist Office

Our patients appreciate the convenience and flexibility that comes with having their entire family treated during a single visit to our Toledo, OH dentist office. When children see their parents or care givers being treated in the same environment that they are, it tends to ease any anxiety the child may have. Treating every member of your family also enables our dentists to notice any dental issues that may run in the family and intervene with proper treatment before they can cause major problems. Hires Dental Care is equipped and trained to treat children and adults.

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