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Jaw pain and soreness. Headaches or migraines. Clenching or grinding your teeth. These chronic conditions could all be signs of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Your TM joints are the hinges that allow you to open and close your mouth. You can’t eat or speak without them. Many factors can cause a disorder of your TMJ. Your teeth could be misaligned causing you to grind your teeth and leading to unnecessary stress on your jaw joints. The issue could also be found at the source: the joint itself. Whatever the cause, we offer custom TMJ treatment in Toledo, OH to ensure you find the relief you need.

Do You Have a TMJ Disorder?

TMJ Disorder Solutions

Our team at Hires Dental Care understands that many TMJ disorder symptoms can be painful and sometimes debilitating. We offer customized treatment plans in Toledo, OH to help you restore balance to your day, your smile, and your overall health. In some cases our dentists may work with specialists to ensure you receive the treatment and relief you need. Some common TMJ treatment solutions include the following:

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Life After TMJ Treatment

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